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Multifunction Capsule Razor

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    Stay impeccably groomed no matter where you are! Enjoy unparalleled convenience with this compact and versatile shaver, designed to deliver a perfect shave whenever you need it.

    An advertisement for the Soulful Trading Multifunction Capsule Razor featuring a man using it, with before and after photos highlighting the nasal hair trimming results.

    Two Interchangeable Heads: Equipped with interchangeable heads for facial, body, and nose hair trimming, this shaver adapts to all your grooming needs.

    Travel-Friendly Size: Its compact size makes it a perfect travel companion, easily fitting into your pocket or bag so you can use it on-the-go.

    A man using a black Soulful Trading Multifunction Capsule Razor, with split images showing his nose before and after use, demonstrating clearer skin post-use.

    Hygienic Blade Cover: Comes with a blade cover to ensure cleanliness and to protect the blades from accidental damage.

    Durable Stainless Steel Blades: High-quality blades made of stainless steel promise durability and a smooth shaving experience.

    Electric Multifunction Capsule Razor with usb type-c charging, featuring icons for quick charge, water-resistant design, interchangeable heads, portability, and one-button switch, against a starry blue background by Soulful Trading.


    • Power: 3W
    • Battery capacity: 200mAh
    • Type of Charger: USB
    • Charging Time: 1 Hour
    • Interface: Type-C
    • Size: 6.3×3.8 cm
    • Working Time: 2-3 hours

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Multifunction Shaver
    • 1 x Nose Shaving Blade
    • 1 x USB Cable
    A collage showing a Multifunction Capsule Razor, named the AquaGlide Mini shaver by Soulful Trading, along with close-up images of two men using it to trim their beards.
    An advertisement for the Multifunction Capsule Razor by Soulful Trading featuring the portable device and close-up views of men shaving their beards.
    A man using a black and gold Soulful Trading Multifunction Capsule Razor, shown in use and as a standalone product with interchangeable heads.
    Transparent black and gold Multifunction Capsule Razor with interchangeable heads, dimensions indicated, isolated on a white background by Soulful Trading.
    Soulful Trading Multifunction Capsule Razor with accessories including a USB charger and protective cover, displayed alongside a list of features like a long battery life and interchangeable heads.
    Collage of a Multifunction Capsule Razor by Soulful Trading including views of its interchangeable heads, the device in a carrying case, and its packaging.
    Soulful Trading&
    Portable electric Soulful Trading Multifunction Capsule Razor with a cleaning brush and a carrying pouch.
    Promotional image of the Multifunction Capsule Razor by Soulful Trading featuring interchangeable heads, a double ring razor net, and push-out switch, set against a cosmic-themed background.
    Electric shaver head submerged in water demonstrating its washable feature, with dynamic water splash around it. Text indicates "Soulful Trading Multifunction Capsule Razor washable mini shaver tip.
    Close-up image of the Soulful Trading Multifunction Capsule Razor shaver head against a starry background, highlighting its ability to capture whiskers at a 360-degree angle.
    Two Soulful Trading Multifunction Capsule Razors, one black and one white, floating in space with a celestial background featuring a moon and earth.