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Anti Vibration Non Slip Pads

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    Fed up with your appliances creating a ruckus or your furniture sliding around? Our solution is here. These pads help put an end to these everyday troubles.

    A Soulful Trading Anti Vibration Non Slip Pads help a washing machine's foot adjusting to stabilize on an uneven surface, to reduce vibrations.

    Whether it's your washing machine dancing during its spin cycle, furniture leaving marks, or noise concerns, these pads cater to all these needs.

    A gif comparing two washing machines, labeled

    Quality Materials: Crafted from durable, car tire grade rubber, these pads are built to last through years of use.

    Easy to Use: They lift your appliance, making it easier to clean underneath. Suits various appliances and can adapt to most washing machines.

    Versatility: Perfect for washing machines, fridges, trolleys, dryers, sofas, tables, beds, etc. Supports an impressive weight up to 2.5 tonnes.

    Easy to Install: Just fit a pad under each tube and place the appliance back. It's a straightforward and stable setup.

    Four images showing a Soulful Trading Anti Vibration Non Slip Pads supporting various appliances: a washing machine mat, a single-door fridge, a double-door fridge, and a dining table in different home settings.


    • Material: Resin Fibre, TPU Adhesive
    • Height: 5 cm

    Package Includes:

    • 4 x Anti Vibration Non Slip Pads
    Four Soulful Trading anti-vibration non-slip pads for appliances, illustrated on a washer and fridge to minimize noise and movement.
    Two washing machines on large blue Soulful Trading Anti Vibration Non Slip Pads, one top-loading and one front-loading, advertised as shock absorbent and moisture-proof.
    A small white desk with a laptop and books on it, supported by large gray Soulful Trading Anti Vibration Non Slip Pads under each leg, set in a room with a green plant.
    3d illustration of a tire with a rubber cup design, highlighted features for stability, reduced noise, and minimized vibration with Soulful Trading Anti Vibration Non Slip Pads, displayed on a grey background.
    Four appliances, a washing machine, kitchen trash bin, refrigerator, and dishwasher—each mounted on a universal shockproof base featuring Soulful Trading Anti Vibration Non Slip Pads in different home settings.
    A gray circular plastic drain cover with dimensions labeled: 5cm top diameter, 4cm height, and 8cm bottom diameter. It features a pattern of slits and is designed to work Anti Vibration Non Slip Pads from Soulful Trading.