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Crystal Lantern Lamp

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    Transform your living space into a luxurious haven with our award-winning lamp. Known for its sophisticated elegance, this exquisite lamp effortlessly creates a mesmerizing ambiance that will inspire and captivate all who see it.

    Two modern Soulful Trading Crystal Lantern Lamps on a wooden table, one being held by a person's hand, surrounded by autumn leaves.

    Crafted with a blend of Scandinavian design and Japanese essentialism, this lamp embodies sleek luxury and astonishing style. It is the result of combining two complementary design philosophies into one beautiful and functional lighting piece.

    A collage showing a dimmable, touch-controlled Crystal Lantern Lamp in a brass finish with Scandinavian design, demonstrated against a brick wall background by Soulful Trading.

    This lamp offers a unique approach to crystal lighting. It pairs a crystal glass light with our patented "sunny side up" LED technology. The light naturally refracts through the hand-polished crystal, creating dynamic and exceptional lighting effects. The removable encasing adds versatility and additional features to the lamp.

    Not only is this lamp aesthetically appealing, but it also features award-winning craftsmanship that emphasizes functionality. The touch control panel allows for easy operation, and the lamp is wireless with rechargeable capabilities.

    Adding this lamp to any space instantly elevates the room with a touch of class and elegance. Its timeless design and aesthetic make it a beacon of luxury that transcends trends, sure to impress guests and modern design enthusiasts alike.

    Three Soulful Trading Crystal Lantern Lamps with a metallic finish and cylindrical glass covers, illuminated on a marble surface.


    • Material: Stainless Steel Cage, Zinc Alloy
    • Material: Crystal Glass, ABS, Silicon Rubber
    • Size: 9×17.5cm / 3.6×6.9in
    • Weight: 0.65kg / 1.43lb
    • Color: Gold, Silver, Black
    • Waterproof Performance: IP65
    • Color Temperature: 1900-2400K
    • Dimming: 3 stages
    • Power Supply: USB Rechargeable
    • Battery: Lithium-ion 5200mA


    • 1 x Crystal Lantern Lamp
    • 1 x Charging Cable
    A modern Soulful Trading crystal lantern lamp lit next to a ceramic vase on a wooden table, casting a warm glow.
    A modern portable Crystal Lantern Lamp with a sleek black frame and a glowing LED bulb inside a clear cylindrical glass, placed on a wooden surface by Soulful Trading.
    A modern cylindrical Crystal Lantern Lamp with a warm glowing LED lighting bulb encased in a metal frame, placed on a wooden floor by Soulful Trading.
    Two Soulful Trading crystal lantern lamps flanking a potted plant on a woven mat, emitting a warm glow in a dimly lit room.
    A modern, minimalist Crystal Lantern Lamp from Soulful Trading with a single LED lighting, encased in a round glass cylinder and a metallic frame, set against a dark background.
    A cozy nighttime camping scene with a table full of food and drinks, illuminated by a Soulful Trading Crystal Lantern Lamp and a nearby fire, located by a flowing river.
    A modern Soulful Trading Crystal Lantern Lamp with cylindrical crystal casing and black base, displaying dimensions: 90mm wide and 175mm tall.