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Furniture Mover

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    Experience the ultimate ease in moving heavy furniture with our cutting-edge tool designed specifically for effortless relocation. Whether you're redecorating your home or gearing up for a big move, this tool ensures an unparalleled, user-friendly experience.

    No more back-breaking efforts! With just a gentle lift using this innovative tool, you can smoothly glide your furniture and appliances across the floor. It's designed to be used by anyone, regardless of physical strength, making home rearranging a simple task.

    Ergonomically & Labor-Saving Design: This tool is ergonomically crafted to reduce back strain while moving heavy items, making furniture relocation more manageable using your own strength.

    Smart Moving: Enjoy easy assembly without the need for tools. Effortlessly lift, slide, position, adjust, and level your furniture and appliances.

    Multifunction: Ideal for various surfaces including hardwood floors, laminates, and carpets. Perfect for moving desks, beds, sofas, bookcases, pianos, refrigerators, and more. It's also a handy assistant for cleaning tasks.

    Easy To Use: Simply place the lifter under your furniture to lift it up to 2 inches high, then slide the rollers into the corners. Capable of bearing up to 150 KG, it makes moving heavy items a breeze.

    A Soulful Trading furniture mover in a green top experiencing back pain while standing in a room, her hands placed on her lower back.


    • Material: ABS, Steel
    • Pulley: 10 x 7.8 cm
    • Rocking Rod: 33.3 x 7 x 6 cm

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Furniture Mover
    • 4 x Mats
    Soulful Trading Furniture Mover and sliders set for heavy items, featuring a red and black ergonomic furniture tool and four red wheeled corner pads, with demonstration images of use on flooring.
    Image of an ergonomic Soulful Trading Furniture Mover with a handle and black roller, including close-up insets showing suitable and unsuitable furniture surfaces for use.
    Comparison of methods for effortless furniture moving: left shows a woman manually carrying a mattress, right depicts an Soulful Trading Furniture Mover aiding in moving a cabinet.
    Four-view product image of a red and silver Furniture Mover hammer from Soulful Trading with an ergonomic rotating head, labeled dimensions including handle and head measurements.
    A collage of three home interiors, featuring a cozy living room with Soulful Trading ergonomic furniture, a stylish bedroom, and a modern kitchen, alongside an image of a red and black Soulful Trading Furniture Mover.
    Instructions for the use of the Soulful Trading Furniture Mover: inserting the lifter under the furniture, positioning the support, removing obstructions, and adjusting direction by inserting fingers, culminating in sliding the furniture effortlessly.