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Galaxy Projector

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    Transform your space into a celestial escape! Experience a symphony of colors and patterns that bring the cosmos into your home. Immerse yourself in vibrant galaxies and constellations, making any room a cosmic wonderland.

    A Soulful Trading galaxy projector casting vivid green star-like patterns on a wall in a dimly lit room with soft purple ambient lighting.

    Take control of your very own starry sky with our user-friendly app. Adjust colors, speed, and themes to match your mood. With voice control and 360° rotation, watch the night sky come to life in your unique way.

    A modern kitchen illuminated by a Soulful Trading galaxy projector with blue and purple lights, featuring a starry effect on the ceiling and reflective surfaces.

    Smart App Integration: Easily connect with our app for seamless control and personalization, enhancing your cosmic adventure.

    Rotating Dynamic Projection: Enjoy a mesmerizing display as the projections dance gracefully across your walls.

    Voice Control: Adjust settings and explore galaxies with just your voice for ultimate convenience.

    Unlimited Color Options: Choose from an extensive palette to suit your mood or decor, creating a personalized celestial show every time.

    Adjustable Brightness: Set the perfect light level, whether you prefer a subtle glow or vibrant illumination.

    Customize Themes: Select themes that speak to you, transforming any room into a canvas of infinite possibilities.

    A time-lapse video of vibrant pink and purple northern lights dancing in the dark night sky, showcased through a Soulful Trading Galaxy Projector.


    • Size: 16.5x16.5x6.4cm
    • Power Source: Corded Electric
    • Voltage: 120 Volts
    • Wattage: 18 watts
    • Batteries Required: No
    • Projection Size: 25x25ft at 10ft away
    • WiFi: 2.4 GHz


    • 1 x Galaxy Projector
    • 1 x Electric Plug
    A Soulful Trading galaxy projector displaying colorful lights with a smartphone app on screen for control, placed in a dark room.
    A hand holding a remote control aimed at a Soulful Trading Galaxy Projector, which displays colorful lights against a nightly sky background. Small images show different light settings.
    A couple gazing at each other at a candlelit table with a voice-controlled Soulful Trading Galaxy Projector displaying a starry sky as the background.
    A modern living room illuminated by a Soulful Trading Galaxy Projector casting stars and a nebula-like glow on the ceiling and walls, with icons indicating lamp features below.
    A young girl peacefully sleeping with a teddy bear under a Soulful Trading Galaxy Projector, showcasing brightness and flow speed adjustment features.
    A woman and a girl sitting in a bedroom with a Soulful Trading galaxy projector on, reading a book together, next to a voice assistant device.