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360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop

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    Experience a new level of ease in home cleaning! Our innovative mop is designed to tackle windows, furniture, walls, floors, and those tricky spots that traditional mops can't reach. Achieve maximum cleaning efficiency and keep your home spotless.

    Forget the hassle of strenuous cleaning! With this mop, you won't need to climb stairs or bend over. It effortlessly absorbs dust, making your home cleaner than ever. Simple, effective, and sophisticated cleaning.


    • Make Cleaning Easier - The triangular design and 360° rotating head ensure no dust is left behind, tackling stubborn dirt in corners, ceilings, and windows.
    • Say No To Danger - The extra-long 1.3m pole helps you reach dust in high places, simplifying your cleaning process.
    • Premium Material - Thickened microfiber mop cloth absorbs water quickly and locks in dust with excellent adsorption ability.
    • Protect Your Hands - Integrated push-pull automatic water squeezing mimics hand-washing, keeping your hands clean and dry.


    • Material: PP + Stainless Steel
    • Length: 130cm
    • Design: Hanging Handle
    • Mop Wipe Material: Microfiber
    • Color: Blue

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Triangle Mop
    • 5 x Mop Cloth
    • 1 x Scraper
    Soulful Trading&
    A triangular mop with the 360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop handle and a versatile head compatible with various cleaning cloths, ideal for efficient house cleaning.
    Illustration of a Soulful Trading 360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop under a wooden table, highlighting its ability to reach corners without moving furniture.
    Illustration depicting a blue microfiber Soulful Trading 360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop with a 360° rotatable adjustable head for efficient cleaning, accompanied by a "no" symbol over traditional mop wringing.
    Woman using a Soulful Trading 360° rotatable adjustable cleaning mop to clean different surfaces in a home, including floors, glass, and high areas.
    A split-image comparison showing a dirty triangular road sign on the left and the same sign clean and mounted on a Soulful Trading 360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop on the right, against a blue background.