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Baby Teething Mitten

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    Are you looking for a reliable way to ease your baby's teething discomfort? Our product is designed to fit snugly over your baby's hand, offering a soothing solution for irritated gums. The crinkling sound of the mitt captures your baby's attention, keeping them entertained and engaged.


    • Safe from Scratching: This product helps prevent your baby from scratching themselves, reduces skin irritation from saliva, and minimizes the chance of blisters from thumb sucking. These benefits provide peace of mind for parents while offering a soft, safe solution for teething comfort.

    Close-up of a folded white Baby Essentials-4 Baby Teething Mitten highlighting its soft and breathable inner knitting fabric, annotated with features like "fresh and breathable," "comfortable," and "teething pain relief.

    • Reduces Pain: Free from chemicals and made with baby-safe, natural materials, this mitten offers significant relief for teething discomfort. Its varied textures massage your baby's gums, helping to stimulate the growth of new teeth and bringing comfort.

    A close-up of a green, textured Baby Essentials-4 Teething Mitten on a wooden surface with text overlay saying "rubbing & relief the teething pain.

    • Versatile: The combination of crinkle sounds, varied textures, and contrasting colors stimulates your baby's sensory development, making it easier for them to reach developmental milestones. This product is designed to be multi-functional, offering both teething relief and sensory engagement.

    Close-up of a Baby Essentials-4 Teething Mitten with a turquoise silicone top featuring a textured design for teething pain relief, positioned against a dotted fabric.

    • High-Quality Silicon: Made from durable silicone, this mitten features multiple teething surfaces that effectively soothe sore gums. The crinkling sound it makes when touched adds an extra layer of engagement for your baby.

    Close-up of a white, soft, breathable fabric, folded neatly with descriptive bubbles highlighting Baby Essentials-4's Baby Teething Mitten for its fresh, comfortable, and skin-friendly qualities for teething pain relief.

    • Adjustable Strap: The mitt features a Velcro strap to keep it securely on your baby's hand, preventing it from falling to the ground. The soft, breathable fabric absorbs drool, reducing the need for frequent laundry. This ensures continuous comfort and relief for your baby.

    Package Includes:

    1x pc Mitten Toy

    This item combines safety, comfort, and developmental benefits, making it an essential tool for parents navigating the teething phase. Whether at home or on the go, this product offers reliable relief and quality you can trust.

    Silicone and fabric Baby Essentials-4 Teething Mitten with colorful polka dots and textured turquoise silicone top for teething pain relief, isolated on white background.
    A hand holding a colorful silicone Baby Essentials-4 Teething Mitten shaped like a hedgehog, featuring a polka dot pattern and textured surfaces.
    An image displaying a Baby Essentials-4 Baby Teething Mitten in mint green, shown on a baby’s hand and detailed views of its features like velcro fastening, dotted fabric, and silicone teething surface.
    Baby Essentials-4 Baby Teething Mitten with a polka-dotted design, featuring labeled parts including the inner knitted net and outer multispandex fleece for teething pain relief.
    A joyful baby with a white hat and a pink Baby Essentials-4 Teething Mitten in its mouth, smiling with bright blue eyes.
    A colorful polka-dot Baby Essentials-4 Teething Mitten with pink scalloped trim isolated on a white background.