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Baby USB Bottle Warmer

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    Ensure your baby’s bottle is always at the perfect temperature with this innovative USB-powered warmer. Designed for convenience and reliability, it evenly heats and maintains a safe temperature, so feeding time is stress-free.

    A Baby Essentials-4 portable bottle warmer bag, a children's book with illustrations of cows and trees, and a patterned heating pad on a white background.


    • Sandwich Insulation Design: Comprising suede, insulation heating chip, and aviation thermal insulation cotton, this warmer ensures safety and high performance.

    • Travel-Friendly Warmth: Keep your baby’s bottle warm on the go with this portable solution, designed to maintain the ideal temperature.

    • Continuous Warming: With constant 42°C heating, it efficiently preserves the nutritious value of milk while allowing you to feed your baby anytime.

    • Zipper Opening Design: Featuring a detachable liner and washable cover for easy maintenance. (Avoid washing the heating chip.)

    A series of images showing a Baby Essentials-4 USB-powered bottle heater: an insulated portable Baby Essentials-4 bottle warmer bag with a usb charging cable, illustrated steps for usage, and placement inside a bag.

    • Hook and Loop: Equipped with a hook and loop for secure fixation, fitting 99% of bottles available on the market.

    • Versatile USB Interface: Can be connected to a portable power source, charging plug, or car USB interface for ultimate convenience.

    Hands using a soldering iron to work on an electronic component housed within a decorative, cylindrical Baby Essentials-4 Baby USB Bottle Warmer.


    • Size: Approximately 14*30cm (5.51*11.81in)
    • Cable Length: Approximately 62cm (24.41in)
    • Weight: Around 60g
    • Material: Super soft velvet fabric
    • Voltage: 5V
    • Power: 5.5W
    • Charging Method: USB

    Three Baby Essentials-4 baby bottles of different sizes (150ml, 180ml, and 240ml) with blue insulation sleeves and green handles, designed for compatibility with 99% of bottles on the market.

    Package Includes:

    1x USB feeder warmer

    A portable Baby Essentials-4 USB Bottle Warmer bag with a digital display and USB type-C cable, showcasing constant temperature heating features.
    An advertisement image featuring a Baby Essentials-4 USB-powered bottle heater with a digital display, USB type-C cable, and graphic overlays indicating constant temperature heating.
    A Baby USB Bottle Warmer from Baby Essentials-4 in a colorful camouflage sleeve with a digital temperature display and constant temperature heating on a pink and beige background.
    A Baby Essentials-4 Baby USB Bottle Warmer in a colorful camouflage patterned insulating sleeve, part of a USB-powered bottle heater, stands on a grey pedestal, with a soft peach and tan background.