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Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy

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    Turn your little one's bath time into a bubbling escapade! Our charming crab bath toy creates a delightful cascade of bubbles that will captivate your child's imagination, transforming every bath into a festive and fun-filled experience. This playful bath companion not only entertains but fosters a love for water, making bath time an eagerly awaited adventure.

    A person sprays water on a Soulful Trading Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy with big eyes and a claw holding a ball, causing it to rotate and bob playfully.

    Watch your child giggle with delight as the crab's face becomes engulfed in bubbles. The interactive design stimulates sensory development while cheerful tunes create a joyful atmosphere. This engaging bubble machine ensures that bath time is not just a routine but a moment filled with fun and excitement.

    A hand pressing the eye of a Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy by Soulful Trading, causing the mouth to open and release bubbles.

    Multi-function: This crab isn’t just a bubble machine—it's an entertaining toy and music player, too! Suitable for infants, toddlers, and young kids, it’s a versatile entertainer that captivates with visual, auditory, and tactile elements.

    Aqua-Resistant Crab: Built to last with a waterproof battery cover and water-resistant adhesives, this toy can withstand splashy fun, though it’s best not to submerge it fully.

    12 Classical Nursery Rhymes: Enhance the fun with timeless nursery rhymes like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Old Macdonald Had A Farm." The music creates a happy atmosphere that kids love.

    Safe Self-Making Bubble Solution: Crafted from non-toxic ABS material, just mix your preferred baby shower gel with water to create joyful bubbles.

    Strong Suction Cups: Despite its larger size, this toy stays securely in place on your bathroom wall, ensuring safety and convenience during use. Simply clean the wall before attaching to prevent air leakage.

    A red Soulful Trading Bubble Crabs baby bath toy with googly eyes and a transparent lower half showing small beads inside, resting on a light blue surface.

    This delightful bath toy doesn't just make bubbles; it creates joyful, musical adventures that brighten up daily routines. It's a wonderful addition to any child's bath time, fostering early development and making each bath a moment to look forward to.

    Classical Children's Song List:

    • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    • Old Macdonald Had A Farm
    • The Wheels on the Bus
    • Hush Little Baby
    • If You Are Happy
    • London Bridge is Falling Down
    • The Smurfs
    • Ten Little Indian Boys
    • Mary Had A Little Lamb
    • I'm A Little Teapot
    • Apple Tree
    • Row, Row Your Boat

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy

    Bring joy and excitement to bath time with this engaging and musically fun bubble machine. It's more than just a toy; it's a wonderful way to turn ordinary baths into extraordinary experiences!

    A red Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy with large white eyes and a cheerful expression, accompanied by its packaging box labeled "bubble crab," now enhanced as a baby bath toy from Soulful Trading.
    A bright green and yellow plastic Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy, functioning as a bubble maker, with large white eyes, accompanied by its colorful packaging box in the background.
    A blue and yellow Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy with a smiling face, alongside its packaging box marked "bubble octopus 18+".
    A child&
    Red Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy shaped bubble maker with large googly eyes, shown closed in the top image and in use with hands dispensing bubbles in the bottom images.
    Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy by Soulful Trading, with large white eyes, displayed with close-ups of its bubble-blowing mechanism in action.
    A baby playing with water and bubbles in a bathtub while smiling at a Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy from Soulful Trading.
    Instructional image showing steps to set up a Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toy by Soulful Trading: installing a bubble nozzle, container, two AA batteries, and pouring shower gel.
    Four images showing green and red Bubble Crabs Baby Bath Toys by Soulful Trading with their packaging, displaying dimensions. Each toy is shaped like a frog with a wide, open mouth.