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Dust Wizard

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    Discover the ultimate cleaning experience with a mop that's more than just ordinary!

    Our innovative mop is designed to be light and ergonomic, making it far less labor-intensive than traditional spin, spray, or butterfly mops. It not only simplifies your cleaning routine but also helps prevent cross-contamination, reducing the need for excessive chemicals and water while delivering superior cleaning results.

    Product Highlights:

    This exceptional mop takes the effort out of cleaning. You won't need to touch the mop head, and all the dirt stays securely in the bucket after rinsing and wringing.

    • Streamline your cleaning process, cutting your cleaning time by approximately 35%. More time for you to enjoy the things you love!
    • No more unnecessary strain. Easily drain and clean the mop with just one hand. It’s 40% lighter than a normal bucket, making it easy to carry and store.

    Our mop is designed for peak performance, helping you clean more effectively with less effort. It's an essential tool for anyone serious about maintaining a clean space with minimal hassle.

    Additional Features:

    • Squeeze mop gathers and holds dust, grit, and grime efficiently. The microfiber material resists staining to keep your mop looking fresh over time.
    • The mop head rotates 360°, offering great maneuverability and enabling you to clean under low furniture effortlessly.
    • Includes a splash guard to keep water and spray contained within the bucket while wringing.
    • Perfect for a variety of surfaces including hardwood, marble, laminate, ceramic tile, and more.
    • Absorbs moisture in less than 10 seconds.
    • Equipped with magical squeeze buckets for a hygienic cleaning experience.


    • Color: Blue and Brown
    • Bucket Dimensions: 13.7" L x 15.7" H x 9.5" W
    • Stainless-steel Handle Dimensions: 23.6" – 50.4" L

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Mop
    • 1 x Bucket
    • 4 x Professional Microfiber Mop Heads
    The Dust Wizard mop with bucket on wheels and four additional mop heads, designed by Home Essentials-5 to reduce chemical and water use for efficient cleaning and simple storage.
    An ergonomic Dust Wizard mop leaning against a bucket on a parquet floor in a home office, suggesting cleaning in progress.
    A dual-compartment Dust Wizard mop bucket with an ergonomic Home Essentials-5 mop, featuring illustrated insets showing its multifunctional use for wet and dry cleaning.
    A Home Essentials-5 Dust Wizard ergonomic mop with a flat rectangular head, accompanied by a dual-compartment bucket and three additional mop heads, displayed in a bright indoor setting.