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Folding Baby Potty Training Seat

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    Equip your little one with a toilet trainer that instills confidence and independence. Our seat is designed with comfort in mind, featuring anti-slip pads to ensure stability on most standard toilets. With adjustable legs, it's adaptable to different heights, making it perfect for your growing child. This seat is an excellent tool for transitioning from diapers to the real deal, providing a safe, sturdy, and reliable option for potty training.

    A person using a Baby Essentials-4 Folding Baby Potty Training Seat with legs visible, standing on teal non-slip platforms with one foot in a slip-on shoe.


    • HIGH QUALITY: Crafted from premium PP material, this seat is smooth and burr-free, ensuring comfort for your child and easy cleaning for you. Its durability and ease of use make it a top choice for parents. The design guarantees a secure fit on nearly any standard toilet, prioritizing safety and stability.

    Four close-up images of a Baby Essentials-4 Folding Baby Potty Training Seat features: non-slip feet, pedal height adjustment, fit handrail, and non-slip pedal matte stripe design.

    • TOILET TRAINER: This seat helps children gain the confidence they need to use the toilet independently. Its foldable design aids in space-saving, making it a practical choice for any home. The integration of the potty training seat simplifies the transition to the big kid’s toilet, making it an indispensable tool for young learners.

    • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: With a robust design supporting up to 75kg (165lb), this seat features a padded cushion for added comfort. It's engineered for toddlers to climb up and down independently without wobbling, boosting their confidence. Additional safety features prevent finger pinching, offering peace of mind during training.

    A colorful Baby Essentials-4 Folding Baby Potty Training Seat with a step ladder, featuring anti-skid pads, secure locks, non-slip handrails, and adjustable legs, demonstrated on a standard toilet.

    • NON-SLIP: The wide, non-slip step ensures that your child can climb up safely. The seat's contoured design and removable splash guard offer comfort and ease of cleaning. Its stable, anti-slip features make it a reliable choice as your child transitions from a potty seat to a full-sized toilet.

    Image of a colorful Baby Essentials-4 Folding Baby Potty Training Seat with the text "easy to assemble" highlighted, positioned over a blurred bathroom background.

    • SUITABLE FOR: Ideal for both boys and girls, the design features a pee catcher to make potty time more engaging. It's a practical addition to any bathroom, supporting parents throughout the potty training journey with its engaging and functional design.

    A person using pliers to adjust a screw on a light blue non-slip Baby Essentials-4 Folding Baby Potty Training Seat with buttons.


    1x pc Carter Potty with Ladder

    Enhance your toddler's potty training experience with a well-designed, safe, and comfortable training seat. Click the button below to order and make potty training a positive, rewarding journey for both you and your child. Join the many satisfied parents who have successfully guided their little ones with our top-rated potty seats. Happy potty training!

    A colorful children&
    A Baby Essentials-4 folding baby potty training seat with steps, featuring red and blue rails and non-slip pads, positioned on a toilet in a bathroom with a blue and green tile backdrop.
    A toddler using a Baby Essentials-4 Folding Baby Potty Training Seat with non-slip pads and handles to reach the sink in a white bathroom.
    A child&
    A toddler smiling while using a Baby Essentials-4 Folding Baby Potty Training Seat, next to an image of the product’s packaging.