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Inkless Pocket Printer

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    Experience effortless printing wherever you go with our innovative device. Perfect for everyone from students to professionals, parents, and artists, this compact tool ensures your ideas are never lost. Whether you need to capture lecture notes, print a memo on the fly, create fun stickers, or bring a sudden creative spark to life, this versatile gadget is always by your side.

    A person uses a smartphone displaying a skeletal diagram, placed beside a notebook and a Soulful Trading inkless pocket printer on a wooden table.

    With its adhesive-backed printouts, you can stick your ideas wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Exceptionally portable, it fits easily into any bag or pocket, ready to assist you at home or on the move. Perfect for those who value convenience and efficiency, it turns any space into a mini print studio.

    A person's hand holding a smartphone and a Soulful Trading Inkless Pocket Printer, taking a photo of a landscape through a car window to print anywhere.

    Print, Peel, and Stick Your Ideas: Capture inspirations as they come and turn them into tangible prints instantly. Its compact size means it slips easily into any bag or pocket, making it great for dynamic lifestyles. Plus, it transforms any piece of paper into a sticker, adding a creative twist to your ideas.

    Inkless Technology: Enjoy clean and efficient printing without the mess of ink. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it delivers high-quality prints consistently, all without the need for ink cartridges. This eco-friendly feature makes it a smart choice for those conscious about the environment.

    Your Ideas Made Tangible: From quickly jotting down notes to capturing artistic inspiration, its versatility makes it indispensable. Ideal for professionals needing quick printouts during meetings or remote work, it ensures you can always print on the go.

    Print with a Tap: Easily connect with your devices via a user-friendly app available on both iOS and Android. This seamless integration simplifies printing to just a tap, converting any location into your personal print station, whether you’re in a café, office, or library.

    A person holding a smartphone and using the Snapchat app to create a new post, with a Soulful Trading Inkless Pocket Printer in the background.


    • Printing Method: Direct Thermal Printing
    • Size: 3.4"x3.5"x1.6" | 87x90x40mm
    • Weight: 5.3oz | 150g
    • Colour: Green

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Device
    • 9 x Paper Rolls
    • 1 x Charging Cable
    • 1 x User Manual

    Make printing convenient, portable, and eco-friendly, whether you’re a busy professional, a devoted student, or a creative artist. This device ensures you never miss an opportunity to print and share your most important ideas.

    Portable Soulful Trading Inkless Pocket Printer with displayed black and white image of a woman and a dog, including USB cable, a manual, and nine rolls of non-sticky white paper.
    Three smartphones displaying features of a design app with templates, graphics, and emojis for creating personalized labels and DIY templates, compatible with a Soulful Trading Inkless Pocket Printer for printing anywhere.
    Comparison graphic showing the Soulful Trading Inkless Pocket Printer model t02 with benefits like smooth print, adhesive backing, and fade resistance, versus another model with poor print quality.
    Four images illustrating office tasks: top left, using a smartphone with a Soulful Trading Inkless Pocket Printer; top right, writing a to-do list; bottom left, packing a box with shipping labels; bottom right