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Intelligent Posture Corrector

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    Are you looking to improve your posture before it's too late? This smart device is designed to comfortably fit all body types and is fully adjustable for your perfect fit.

    Rear view of a person wearing a Soulful Trading Intelligent Posture Corrector with adjustable straps over a navy blue shirt to improve posture.

    Equipped with intelligent posture reminders, this device helps you stand and sit straighter, aligning your shoulders, spine, and upper back effortlessly. Say goodbye to back pain and hello to a more confident you.

    Split image showing a woman in an office giving thumbs up and a boy studying with a focus on improving posture using the Intelligent Posture Corrector by Soulful Trading.

    This user-friendly device firmly pulls the shoulders back, reducing stiffness and poor posture. Its lightweight, high-elasticity nylon design can be comfortably worn under or over clothing, making it a versatile solution for everyday use.

    Corrector De Postura Unisex - ¡Oferta por tiempo limitado! – MegaShop™ Colombia

    Good posture is crucial for a healthy spine and reducing fatigue. This device helps remind you of good posture habits throughout your day. It's ergonomically designed and suitable for both adults and children.

    Three-part image showing adults working on laptops and a young boy with a backpack, captioned "suitable for all age groups! Includes Soulful Trading Intelligent Posture Correctors to prevent back pain.

    An angle sensing feature alerts you with a vibration when your back bends forward more than 25 degrees, helping you maintain an upright posture.

    Side-by-side images of a woman demonstrating the Soulful Trading Intelligent Posture Corrector that vibrates to improve posture by alerting when bent over 25 degrees.

    We recommend wearing it for 2 hours a day. Significant improvements can be seen in 21 days, and habit stability is usually achieved in 90 days.

    Advertisement displaying a woman's posture improvement journey using the Soulful Trading Intelligent Posture Corrector over 90 days, displayed in three stages: before, 21 days, and 90 days, with benefits highlighted.

    This compact device is nearly invisible under clothing and can be worn at home, work, school, or even while shopping. It's adjustable to fit both children and adults.

    COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Made from high-elastic nylon fabric, it’s comfortable and fits the human body curve. The shoulder straps are adjustable for maximum comfort.

    RECHARGEABLE & LONG STANDBY: With a built-in large-capacity lithium battery, it can last for 15 days after a 2-hour charge. The switch comes with an indicator light: red for charging and blue for full/normal working status.

    A graphic showing a woman's posture improvement over 90 days with using the Soulful Trading Intelligent Posture Corrector, highlighting benefits like reducing cervical spondylosis and humpback.


    • Material: ABS plastic buckles, Nylon straps
    • Charging Interface: Standard V8 USB interface
    • Battery Capacity: 500mAH/3.7V
    • Power Supply: 5V
    • Power Consumption: 0.4W
    • Charging Time: Approximate 2 hours
    • Charging Voltage: 5V
    • Net Weight: 85g


    • 1 x Intelligent Posture Corrector
    A man and a woman, both wearing white t-shirts and Soulful Trading Intelligent Posture Correctors, facing away from the camera, showing the back view of the braces designed to improve posture.
    Digital illustration of two translucent human figures demonstrating the Soulful Trading Intelligent Posture Corrector, with one figure bending forward triggering a vibration alert at 25 degrees.
    Close-up view of a gray Soulful Trading smartwatch showing its usb port and battery specifications, highlighting a 400mah battery and 360-hour power storage capability with built-in Intelligent Posture Corrector alerts to improve posture.
    Comparison of two posture correctors for children: traditional model on the left and Soulful Trading&