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Makeup Brush Cleaner

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    Experience the ultimate convenience in cleaning your makeup brushes. Now, you can easily maintain your brushes without the hassle of hand-washing. This innovative tool offers deep cleaning, ensuring your brushes stay in top condition and free from potential damage.

    A hand cleaning a makeup brush on a pink scrubbing pad, using Soulful Trading's Makeup Brush Cleaner, with other brushes laid out on a white surface.

    Say farewell to skin issues like acne and rashes caused by dirty brushes. Regular weekly cleaning with this tool helps keep your skin healthy and glowing.

    A person with pink manicured nails deep cleaning a makeup brush using a Soulful Trading Makeup Brush Cleaner tool.

    Keep Your Skin Healthy: Combat skin problems by giving your brushes a thorough clean once a week.

    Gentle & Deeper Cleaning: Thanks to multiple ultra-soft silicone heads that cater to all brush sizes, you can achieve a comprehensive clean without any brush damage.

    Suitable for All Brushes: Perfect for cleaning multiple smaller brushes simultaneously. For larger brushes, a deep clean takes just one minute, and for smaller ones, only 30 seconds.

    A person opens a small jar of pink cosmetic cream on a vanity, surrounded by makeup brushes and a Soulful Trading Makeup Brush Cleaner.


    • Material: ABS, Silica Gel
    • Weight: 198g
    • Size: 9 x 8cm

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Makeup Brush Cleaner
    Electric Soulful Trading makeup brush cleaner with a pink and black design, shown with a brush inside, alongside two detached brush heads and a USB cable for deep cleaning makeup brushes.
    Deep cleaning Soulful Trading makeup brush cleaner with various brushes displayed, featuring a spinning brush in a pink water bowl connected to a white USB-powered base.
    Woman smiling, holding a mug, with cosmetic accessories and a Soulful Trading Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner displayed around her; text says "say goodbye to sore hands".
    Soulful Trading Makeup Brush Cleaner with rotating bowl and textured interior, shown deep cleaning a brush, with a close-up of its features and control button.
    Electric Soulful Trading makeup brush cleaner on a kitchen countertop with cleaning tools and a potted plant, labeled with worry-free cleaning benefits.
    Comparison of Soulful Trading makeup brushes before and after deep cleaning, highlighting the importance of regular cleaning for skin health.
    Advertisement showcasing a Soulful Trading electric makeup brush cleaner; image compares brushes with makeup residue before use and clean after use.
    An advertisement for the Soulful Trading Makeup Brush Cleaner showing a brush being cleaned, with comparative images of a woman&
    Instructional image showing four steps to use a Soulful Trading electric Makeup Brush Cleaner: adding water and cleaner, starting the device, deep cleaning the brush by dipping, and rinsing the brush under a faucet.
    Comparison of two Soulful Trading Makeup Brush Cleaners, highlighting features like deep cleaning makeup brushes, USB power supply for "Soulful Trading," and battery operation for "theirs.
    An advertisement for a Soulful Trading electric makeup brush cleaner featuring a pink device with a spinning brush inside a cleaning bowl, alongside icons highlighting its features.
    A woman with curly hair smiling and holding a makeup brush, alongside a cosmetic bottle and a Soulful Trading electric makeup brush cleaner on a pink background.