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Music Boxing Machine

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    Convert your after-work fatigue into renewed energy with our wall-mounted music-punching machine. This innovative device combines physical activity with calming tunes, offering a unique way to unwind. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth for a tailored music experience that syncs with your workout.

    A person holding a Soulful Trading Music Boxing Machine with Bluetooth music connection.

    Experience fun and dynamic stress relief suitable for all ages. Ideal for kids to boost their physical activity and coordination, and for adults to get a workout while de-stressing and relaxing.

    A child wearing boxing gloves practices punching with a smiling adult holding a round padded training shield, creating a stress-relief experience with the Soulful Trading Music Boxing Machine.


    Challenging and Fun: With built-in background music, users can punch along with synchronized lights and beats for a fun and engaging workout.

    Multi-Purpose and Interactive: Crafted from skin-friendly materials, it allows users to follow the rhythm of the music, enhancing both reaction time and physical fitness while reducing stress.

    Stimulating and Interactive: Incorporates intelligent sensing technology, adjustable modes, RGB light rhythms, and sound feedback to create a stimulating exercise environment. Randomly moving lights enhance excitement and reaction capabilities.

    Easy Installation: Features an adhesive backing and wide straps for secure attachment, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups.

    Adjustable Speed: Customize your workout to match your selected music, with adjustable speed settings to cater to various training needs.

    High Light Mode: Bright flashing lights improve reaction times and make it easy to use day or night.

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    • Material: Leather, PP
    • Charging Method: USB


    • 1 x Music Boxing Machine
    Top view of a modern, circular black electric stove with six red glowing induction hobs and a digital display, with a Bluetooth-connected smartphone showing the Soulful Trading Music Boxing Machine control app nearby.
    Four images depicting individuals using the Soulful Trading Music Boxing Machine for a stress-relief experience: a man with a child, a focused woman, a man resting, and a close-up of the target in use. Text promotes
    A man using a Soulful Trading Music Boxing Machine with Bluetooth-connected music, which is mounted on a wall and has target lights.
    A boy wearing boxing gloves practices punches on a Soulful Trading Music Boxing Machine with glowing red lights, controlled by a Bluetooth-connected smartphone app.
    Electronic drum pad with LED lights and a control panel, featuring close-up views of Soulful Trading&
    Electronic drum pad with red LED lights around the pads, labeled features like flexible hitting feel, and a display showing "p02". Text states it&
    Comparison of a round, modern Soulful Trading air purifier with red and blue lighting in two different room settings, emphasizing its design and Bluetooth-connected music feature for a stress-relief experience.
    An image of a round, Bluetooth-connected robotic vacuum cleaner navigating over various surfaces like board, ceramic tile, and marble, with illuminated sensor indicators.
    A circular black rotating push-up board with multiple handle positions, each indicated by red led lights, and a Bluetooth-connected Music Boxing Machine digital display in the center by Soulful Trading.