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Rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

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    Your Ultimate Travel Companion Don't miss out on the convenience of this essential handbag item for flawless touch-ups wherever you are. Imagine how much smoother your daily beauty routine will become!

    A smiling woman in a green shirt applies makeup using a Health & Beauty-5 Rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror in a car, accompanied by the text "take it anywhere!

    Featuring a USB rechargeable design, this mirror offers 1X and 10X magnification with LED lighting for clear, consistent illumination. Its ultra-thin, foldable construction makes it ideal for various makeup looks and portable enough to take anywhere.

    A woman examines her reflection in a Health & Beauty-5 handheld, rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, showcasing her makeup application, with a logo stating "as seen in Vogue.

    The Ideal Fit Compact and lightweight, this mirror slides effortlessly into your handbag, making it a perfect travel companion.

    Compact mirror open, revealing two reflective surfaces, set against a white background, now featuring Health & Beauty-5's Rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror.

    Bright & Beautiful Equipped with long-lasting LED lights, this mirror provides the perfect lighting for any environment. Experience a soft, natural glow wherever you go!

    10X & 1X Magnification Beauty bloggers agree: 10X magnification is optimal for your daily routine. We’ve listened and included it just for you!

    A Health & Beauty-5 rechargeable LED lighted makeup mirror showing two views: a 10x close-up of an eye being applied mascara and a 1x view of a woman applying it.

    USB Rechargeable Say goodbye to disposable batteries. This mirror features a rechargeable lithium battery that can be powered via USB with a laptop, wall charger, or power bank, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.

    (Note: Charge when the battery is low or the light turns off.)

    Side and top view of a pink circular Health & Beauty-5 USB rechargeable compact device with dimensions labeled: 20mm thick, 75mm in diameter.

    Portable and Durable Lightweight and compact, this mirror is perfect for travel, work, or home use. Its cordless design means it’s as practical as it is stylish.


    • Product Weight: 68G
    • Lamp bead model: 12 LEDs (infinitely dimmable)
    • LED Color Temperature: 6500K
    • LED Display Index: 90
    • LED Power: 0.2W
    • LED lumens: 24-26LM
    Round Health & Beauty-5 rechargeable LED lighted makeup mirror on a tabletop next to a red lipstick.
    A diptych of images showing a woman examining a glowing ring in the top panel, and a close-up of hands holding the same illuminated mirror, possibly USB rechargeable, in the bottom panel.
    A woman applies red lipstick using a Health & Beauty-5 Rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, her smile visible in the mirror&
    Circular Health & Beauty-5 Rechargeable LED lighted makeup mirror with labeled charging port and power/brightness switch, on a dark background.
    A Health & Beauty-5 Rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with a colorful screen lying on a red qi wireless charging pad against a dark background with the text "USB rechargeable qi wireless charging wide compatibility" above.
    An advertisement for a Health & Beauty-5 Rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror placed next to a pink quilted bag, with the phrases "Health & Beauty-5 Rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror" and "you are beautiful" visible.
    Compact white USB Rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror by Health & Beauty-5, connected to a white cable, shown open on a plain background.
    A round, Health & Beauty-5 Rechargeable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with a pink border on a pink surface, accompanied by a lipstick in a golden holder.