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Sprinkler Whale Bath Toy

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    Transform bath time into an underwater adventure with this delightful bath toy! Your child will be captivated by the wonder of deep-sea creatures, eagerly looking forward to bath time. This engaging whale toy not only provides endless fun but also offers an educational journey into marine life. Its realistic water-spraying action mimics that of a real whale, making each bath a playful exploration of ocean wonders.

    Once placed in water, this whale toy automatically draws water from beneath and sprays it up to 7 inches high! This feature perfectly replicates the mesmerizing water-spouting behavior of whales, sparking your child's imagination and bringing the ocean right into your bathtub. An ideal choice for parents looking for interactive bath toys, it promises to be a favorite.

    Two hands placing Sprinkler Whale Bath Toys from Soulful Trading in a kids' pool with colorful underwater designs inspired by a deep sea adventure.

    High-quality Material: Crafted from premium ABS plastic, this toy is both safe and durable, ensuring it withstands enthusiastic play. Perfect for a fun-filled bath time experience.

    Cute and Interactive Design: Featuring an adorable whale design, it keeps kids engaged and entertained. Its friendly look and playful water-spraying action encourage more enjoyable bath times.

    Educational Features: With an LED light that changes color when in contact with water, this toy promotes cognitive and sensory development, enhancing visual perception and understanding of cause and effect.

    Easy to Clean: Maintenance is simple—just rinse and let air dry. Ideal for busy parents seeking practical bath toys.

    Safe for Your Child: Made from non-toxic materials, this toy ensures your child's safety during bath time, offering peace of mind for parents and fun for kids.

    A joyful baby in a white onesie sits in a bathtub, laughing at a Soulful Trading Sprinkler Whale Bath Toy.


    • Material: ABS plastic
    • Dimensions: 4.3" x 3.9" x 3.5" inches
    • Batteries: 3X AAA

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Sprinkler Whale Bath Toy

    Dive into fun with this engaging bath toy, perfect for making every bath an exciting ocean adventure. Not just a toy, it's a gateway to learning about the natural world in a fun, interactive way. Whether you're searching for an engaging and educational bath toy, this whale promises joy and learning with every splash.

    A cheerful baby playing with a colorful Soulful Trading Sprinkler Whale Bath Toy in water, splashes visible around.
    A white, Soulful Trading Sprinkler Whale Bath Toy floats in clear blue water, with a small inset showing the toy’s green, glowing light feature.
    Illustration of a cute Soulful Trading Sprinkler Whale Bath Toy with dimensions labeled, displayed against a sea-themed background with marine graphics.
    Young girl wearing sunglasses enjoys swimming with a yellow float ring and two Soulful Trading Sprinkler Whale Bath Toys in a pool.