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The Bubble Burster

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    Get ready for a delightful bubble experience that transforms any event into a magical celebration. Our bubble machine, featuring an impressive 40-hole design, creates a captivating stream of bubbles that enchant everyone around.

    Three large replicas of Soulful Trading's Bubble Burster water guns spraying water upwards, illuminated by colorful lights in a nighttime setting, accompanied by a child-friendly bubble machine.

    Whether it’s a birthday party, a family gathering, or simply a sunny day in the yard, this bubble blower promises endless fun and laughter, creating moments to cherish for both kids and adults.

    Two hands holding colorful child-friendly Soulful Trading Bubble Bursters labeled "rocket," shooting streams of bubbles against a dark background with vibrant light effects.

    Unrivaled Bubble Output: Thanks to its 40 bubble-producing holes, this device creates an awe-inspiring display of bubbles that elevate any outdoor space.

    Child-Friendly ABS Material: Constructed from non-toxic ABS material, the device is completely safe for children. Its design prevents water leakage and overflow, allowing kids to enjoy it without any worries.

    Safe Cooling Fan Mode: Equipped with soft sponge rotor blades, the fan offers a safe and cool breeze. Perfect for cooling down kids when they need a break from chasing bubbles.

    Compact and Portable: Lightweight and easy to carry, it’s perfect for home use or travel, ensuring your child can enjoy bubble fun anywhere.

    Sentence with replacement: Collage of four images depicting celebrations and leisure activities: a wedding with children enjoying The Bubble Burster bubble blowing, children at a holiday party, a family outdoor outing, and a child playing with bubbles on a beach. Brand Name: Soulful Trading


    • Material: ABS Plastic
    • Number of Holes: 40

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x 40 Holes Baby Bubble Burster
    Pink rocket-shaped bubble machine with multiple nozzles and a matching tray, labeled "The Bubble Burster" by Soulful Trading.
    Colorful 40-hole Bubble Burster machines with Soulful Trading branding, displayed with bubbles and vibrant light effects in a dynamic advertisement.
    Two Bubble Burster toy bubble machines from Soulful Trading labeled "rocket," one purple and one green, emitting colorful bubbles against a dark background with glowing light effects.
    A young child engages in outdoor play, happily shooting bubbles from a Soulful Trading Bubble Burster.
    Two "The Bubble Burster" toy bubble machines designed like rockets, one pink and one yellow, emitting soap bubbles on a dark background from Soulful Trading.
    Collage of four joyful occasions: a wedding with a couple amidst bubbles from The Bubble Burster, children at a holiday party, a father and daughter during an outdoor outing, and a child playing with bubbles. Brand Name: Soulful Trading
    Blue and yellow The Bubble Burster rocket-themed bubble machine from Soulful Trading with multiple nozzles and a tray.
    Green and blue toy bubble machine with "The Bubble Burster" label by Soulful Trading and an attached bubble solution tray, isolated on a white background.
    A purple and yellow "Bubble Burster" with multiple bubble nozzles and a yellow drip tray, isolated on a white background. (Brand Name: Soulful Trading)