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Wireless Jump Rope

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    Discover a game-changing way to enhance your fitness routine with this innovative product. Eliminate the frustration of tangled ropes and embrace seamless cardio workouts.

    A mother and her young daughter smiling and dancing in the living room as part of their fitness routine, with a Soulful Trading Wireless Jump Rope operating nearby.

    Experience unparalleled convenience and versatility. Adjustable lengths and customizable settings allow you to personalize your workouts to fit your unique goals and preferences.

    A young girl joyfully skipping next to a woman sitting on a couch, while a Soulful Trading Wireless Jump Rope operates on the floor.


    Bluetooth-Compatible Music Functionality: Connect your device via Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite tunes while jumping rope. Stay motivated and energized with your preferred tracks in the background.

    Multi-Person Interaction and Remote Control: Engage in interactive workouts with friends and family. The unique design allows multiple users to participate simultaneously, ensuring stable, fast, and smooth rotations.

    LED Display and Colorful Breathing Light: The LED display and vibrant breathing light add a visual element to your workout, making your exercise sessions more engaging and enjoyable.

    Adjustable Speed Levels: Choose from 10 speed levels to match your fitness level and goals. Convenient speed adjustments can be made via remote control without interrupting your workout.

    Durable Material: Crafted from a combination of ABS, metal, and nylon rope, this product is built to last. The PU-wrapped nylon rope enhances durability, preventing breakage and ensuring a long-lasting companion for your fitness journey.

    An elderly man and a young boy playfully kick at colorful virtual objects projected on the floor by a Soulful Trading Wireless Jump Rope in a living room, as part of their fitness routine.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Cordless Skipping Ropes
    A woman and a young boy dancing joyfully in a living room, with musical notes illustrated around them, as music plays from a Soulful Trading Bluetooth-compatible speaker on the floor.
    A young boy in a yellow shirt and jeans jumps energetically above a Soulful Trading Wireless Jump Rope, with colorful musical notes visually emanating from it.
    A compact blue Wireless Jump Rope with glowing purple lights and Bluetooth-compatible music functionality, operating on a wooden table near a wall.
    The Soulful Trading Wireless Jump Rope displaying a Bluetooth-Compatible Music Functionality symbol paired with a portable Bluetooth speaker, depicted with music notes to indicate sound emission.
    Abstract 3D illustration of intertwined glossy black and metallic Soulful Trading Wireless Jump Ropes against a dual-tone beige and light blue background.
    Pink spherical Soulful Trading speaker with colorful musical notes around it, featuring Bluetooth-compatible music functionality and various ports on the front.
    Portable white and silver Bluetooth-compatible speaker with colorful LED lights, displaying digital time, and musical notes floating around.
    Blue, spherical desktop speaker with led lights, displaying digital time and musical notes graphics, featuring Bluetooth-compatible music functionality by Soulful Trading.
    Round black Bluetooth-compatible speaker with colorful LED lights and visible ports, displayed with musical notes indicating sound output from the Soulful Trading Wireless Jump Rope.